Monday, September 4, 2017

Good Things Are Happening!

Beautiful sky
Greetings from Yucaipa!

I'm getting tired of starting and ending my emails in the same boring ways. I tried to change it up a bit today so I hope you all appreciated it. :)

We have had quite a week!

Monday we had a relaxing Pday where we got to write some letters and such. The rest of the day was a little frustrating for me. We have a few investigators who are really good at talking. They just keep going and going, and we are lucky if we can get a word in between the opening and closing prayers. We visited a couple of them that evening and I was feeling like not a very good missionary because we hadn't taught very much. I'm lucky to have Sister Losee as a companion though because she picked me right back up and shared a great poem with me about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how he is always helping us in this work.

Tuesday we had a lot of lessons lined up but all of them fell through.
We got to do some service at DI. We sorted clothes again. Later that day, Sister Losee had one of her first experiences talking with someone who thinks we are a cult and wants us to be saved. Pretty much everyone we tried to see wasn't home or didn't want to talk with us, but we had a surprisingly fun day. We kept a positive outlook. At the very end of the day we felt prompted to knock on this one door. As we were trying to figure out how to get past the front gate, someone came out the front door! We talked to him, taught him a little bit, found out he has LDS friends, and he became a new investigator! We were so excited!

Wednesday we had Zone Conference! It was so good. We talked a lot about really worshiping during the Sacrament and helping our investigators do the same thing. Sister Losee got to give a 3 minute talk about the sacrament and she did a great job. At the end of our Zone Conferences, we break up into our individual zones and the Zone Leaders and STL get to take half an hour to go over things with the zone. A couple days before I had asked the Zone Leaders what we were going to do. They said we would talk at lunch during Zone Conference. At lunch they told me like two things, "We'll talk about goals for this month and look at the accountability section of Preach My Gospel". I sort of assumed they were planning to just do it because they hadn't told me any specific assignments. I tried to be as involved as possible to help things run smoothly while we were talking about goals. Then they said, "And now Sister Heiner is going to train us on accountability from Preach my Gospel". So I got up. I turned to Preach My Gospel, and we pretty much just took turns reading the paragraphs in the section and discussing it. I didn't feel like it went super well, and I was nervous because I like to be prepared for things, but President Dixon told me after that I did a great job. Even if he was just being nice I appreciated it.

After Zone Conference, we all got flu shots! People from the Walmart Pharmacy came and gave them to us all. We all just lined up and were taken one by one to a classroom in the church and they gave us shots.

We had an awesome lesson with M that evening. He is recognizing answers to his prayers more and more and he said he is more wiling to read the Book of Mormon than he has been in the past. I love seeing investigators progress!

We weekly planned on Thursday. We had scheduled to have a lesson right after. It had been a crazy morning of calling around to find a member to come to this lesson, and we finally found someone. We got in the car and suddenly it starts raining! And it wasn't just a little sprinkle, it was a downpour that came out of nowhere! Conveniently, the house we are trying to find is on a road that is very difficult to see from the main road, so we passed it and had to turn around. We ended up needed to back up at one point, so I hopped out of the car to back Sister Losee out, and got soaking wet. We got to the lesson a couple minutes late, and the investigator wasn't feeling well. Then the rain stopped and it was back to about 100 degrees except now it was humid too. It was the most random little rainstorm of my life.

In the evening we had a lesson with one of our new investigators. We felt prompted to knock on her door last week. She invited us back, and this was our first lesson with her and her two sons. They told us that they were feeling overwhelmed by the craziness around them that they see on the news. It was cool to see the relief they felt we taught and the spirit filled the room. We have another lesson with them in a couple weeks. They wanted some time to read the Book of Mormon before we come back.

Friday we did some more service. This time it was at the Yucaipa Senior Center. We helped make decorations for their upcoming fall event. We found yet another new investigator that evening! We saw two teenage girls talking outside. We started talking with them and ended up teaching the whole restoration right then!

At the end of the night we stopped by to see C who we hadn't heard from in a while. She was home and invited us in. We were able to talk about some questions she has and she came away from it really excited to read the Book of Mormon.

Saturday we had a lesson with L. A member of the ward offered to have the lesson in her home. L was running very late, so we got to chat with the member for a while. L texted and asked if he could bring a friend. We said of course and so he brought his friend.
We taught both of them the Restoration and we are meeting with them again next Saturday. They stayed behind at the member's home for a while just talking and the member answered a lot of their questions. It was very cool.

After that we were very late to our dinner appointment, but luckily it was with Sister T and her family. She is a recent convert and they love having the missionaries over. Her husband is just barely starting to show interest in the Gospel and we have been teaching him the lessons. It is so cool to see him starting to have some real intent because he was very against his wife joining the church at first. He is coming around and within this past week he has really shown an interest in reading the Book of Mormon.

Sunday was a good day. Nothing that is really interesting happened, so I'm not going to write about it. Church was good though!

Well everyone, miracles are real. We had a total of 6 new investigators this week. Normally we find 0 or 1. The Lord definitely knows what he is doing, and in his timing, he leads us to those who are ready to hear His message.

Love you all!

Sister Melissa Heiner

We had a fire close by

Enjoying the rain

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