Monday, September 11, 2017

Accountability is the Best!!

It has been a great week to be a servant of the Lord. Exciting things are happening in the Yucaipa zone and also in the mission!

Tuesday was a great day! It started off with the best district meeting ever! We talked about Christlike attributes and how developing them can help us reach our goals. Then we set goals as a district and decided to text the whole district whenever something good happens (someone gets a new investigator, puts someone on date for baptism, etc.). We all left the meeting so excited to teach the gospel. Then we came out and looked at our car and one of the tires was almost completely flat!

We took it in to pep boys to have them fix it and we ended up being there all day! I was going a little crazy because I wanted to get out and work so badly! Afterward we had a lesson with S. We tried to explain the Sacrament and why we go to church. She came away from it with the idea that as long as she brings crackers and grape juice with her into the mountains on the Sabbath, she doesn't have to go to church. We have a bit more work to do there I think.

We had exchanges the next day. I went with Sister Whitehead in their area. They got some really exciting news about one of their investigators while I was there. The investigator had some concerns with baptism that needed to be cleared by the first presidency. They had been waiting for weeks to hear back from President Dixon about it, and he called to let them know that the first presidency said that the investigator can be baptized! It was so exciting!
Exchanges with Sister Whitehead

Other events from exchanges include Sister Whitehead inviting someone to be baptized while we were volunteering at DI. They said yes, by the way. We also found 3 new investigators! It was a pretty eventful exchange. Sister Losee and Sister Jones had some awesome experiences in our area too and had some great lessons with investigators.

All throughout the day we got texts from the zone about exciting things that were happening and it was so motivating to know that the work was progressing in the zone! By the end of the night, the whole zone had found 7 new investigators and put 4 more people on date! It was the best! I love accountability!

Thursday I had MLC, so Sister Losee went on another exchange. We found out that our mission is part of a new "accelerated proselyting test"
starting in January. It was sad for those of us in MLC because most of us won't be here when that happens, but someone made the point that we are here now for a reason, and that is to prepare the younger missionaries for this thing. We don't really know what all it will involve, but it will be pretty exciting, whatever it is!

Also fun news from MLC, everyone in the mission that was in the MTC with me was there at MLC!
Mission Leadership Conference
Friday we planned for a long time. I had a skype meeting with the Zone Leaders to talk about what information we need to pass on to the District Leaders from MLC. It was funny because we were skyping from opposite sides of the church building. Elders and sisters can't meet up when it's 2 elders and 2 sisters, so we couldn't have the meeting in the same room. We just said hi in the hallway then went to different rooms to skype! :)

In the evening we found a new investigator. He grew up in Orem over by 800 north and 500 east! He grew up around the church but had never been involved with it at all. With all the natural disasters and other chaos in the world today, he felt like there had to be more, so he has been wondering more about God. Unfortunately, he lives in Palm Springs and is only here for a week, but it definitely wasn't a coincidence that we met him, and we will definitely be referring him over to the missionaries there.

Saturday was a little rough. I always have a hard time in lessons when the investigators talk the whole time and interrupt us when we try to teach anything. That's pretty much what Saturday was over and over and over. It's just not very fulfilling to sit in a room when I'm supposed to be teaching the gospel and the person I'm supposed to be teaching won't let the missionaries get a word in. We did get to help the former mayor of Calimesa pack up her house to move though. That was pretty fun!

Church was awesome! It was one of those meetings where everything was meant just for me. I love those! We also had 3 investigators at church!

Well, I better sign off now. We have a short PDay because we get to go to the temple this week!

Love you all! Miracles are happening! Missions are great!

Sister Melissa Heiner
With the children of a recent convert. We love them!

Our neighbor Al gave us a watermelon

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