Monday, August 7, 2017

Another Fantastic Week!

Hello Everyone! It's been a great week.

Last Monday I forgot to tell you about a cool experience we had at the Laundromat. We were waiting for our clothes to finish drying and we started talking to this man who was also waiting for his clothes to dry. He asked us what we do and we told him all about being missionaries. He asked us about why bad things happen to good people. We shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon. One thing led to another and pretty soon we had taught the whole Restoration! He said we could share more with him! Unfortunately he doesn't live in our ward boundaries, but we referred him off to some other missionaries and hopefully they are teaching him now!

On Tuesday we had interviews with President Dixon. I always love interviews. Normally during interviews, there is a discussion with Sister Dixon going on for all the missionaries waiting for their interviews. This time they showed some excerpts from the new mission presidents' seminar. There was one clip of recent converts telling how they met the missionaries and one of the people I taught was in it!!!! I was so excited I started crying. It made me excited to go out and find more of the Lord's elect to teach.

Right after interviews we had a lesson with an investigator. He told us all about the near death experiences he has had. He said that he realizes God must have a bigger plan for him, he just wishes he knew what it was. He said something along the lines of, "Why doesn't God just send me an angel to tell me what more I need to do!" Sister Losee brilliantly told him that we were the angels he has been waiting for. That got him thinking. I have a great companion!

That night we had dinner with our investigator, S. We love her.

The next morning we actually helped her paint a wall of her house. It looked pretty good if I do say so myself! :)

In the evening we had a lesson scheduled with another investigator. We thought we were going to have to cancel it because we couldn't find anyone to come. We called him half an hour before saying we needed to cancel and literally right as we hung up the phone we heard from a woman in the ward who said she could come. Miracles are REAL people!

I had MLC on Thursday. It was kind of an emotional one because it was Sister Larson's last one. She was my companion last November through January and it was weird saying goodbye to her. There were also a ton of random things I ended up bringing back from MLC, one of them being a cactus I had left in Yucca Valley about 5 months ago. It was a great meeting focused on the importance of the Sacrament and helping our investigators worship rather than just go to church.

Friday we had a lesson with a recent convert. Her kids are so adorable and brighten our day every time we go see them. They colored us about a billion pictures while we were there and also pretended to be cheerleaders!

Saturday we got to read the Book of Mormon with a less active member. Her nonmember grandson was home at the time and came by the door to listen as we read. He asked us what book we were reading. We told him it was the Book of Mormon. He asked if that was the Old Testament. We were about to explain more, but he ended up needing to go. Hopefully next time we go over there we'll be able to share more.

Later that day we had dinner with a family from the ward. They had invited an elderly neighbor to come to dinner, but she didn't come until we were sharing the message. It wasn't the best dinner thought we have ever given and we were a little hard on ourselves coming out of it.

The next day was Sunday. Church was amazing as always! S
came again and partway through sacrament meeting an investigator who we had never met walked in and sat down. He told us he hadn't been there for 3 years, but that he loves the gospel principles book! We'll hopefully be seeing more of him soon!

We were asked to fill in for Singing Time in primary this week, so we spent third hour in there. We had a very sweet experience. One of the girls who we had eaten with the night before gave a talk and she talked about how she had invited her friend to eat with the missionaries and how her friend told her she wants to come to church now. We had NO CLUE that the message we shared had made any impact! It is so good to hear that our efforts make a difference.

At the end of the day we decided to stop by a man on the side of the road who was fixing his tire. We ended up talking for a good 45 minutes. He said he had been thinking about Mormons for 3 weeks now and wanted to know what we believed. We told him and he didn't say he wants to meet, but he said we could email him more information. It's so cool to be placed where the Lord needs you to be.

Well, I love you all and hope you are having a great week! Talk to you all next Monday!

Sister Heiner
Ancestors standing by a Joshua tree

Me standing by a Joshua tree

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