Monday, August 28, 2017

A New Transfer in Yucaipa

Hello Everyone!

This week was transfers! I'm still here in Yucaipa with Sister Losee!

Miracle after miracle happened this week. I will attempt to share as much as I possibly can with you.

On Monday evening we were able to have a last minute lesson with a woman we're teaching. We were able to finally establish some good expectations for our meetings. That's about it for Monday.

Tuesday was a great day. We had District Meeting in the morning. The last district meeting before transfers is always a little sad, but also really exciting. Two of the elders from my district were being transferred to my old areas so I gave them lists of people that they should go see. The meeting itself was awesome and was exactly what I needed right then. I might have cried a little bit but only a little.

After our meeting we headed back to the apartment for lunch and companionship study. Partway through companionship study I felt like something was wrong. I told Sister Losee and she recommended we pray about it. As soon as we said amen, the name of a recent convert came to mind, so we decided to pack up and head out a little earlier than planned to go see her.

Surprisingly she wasn't home, but we weren't giving up! We gave her a call. She didn't answer so we left a message and decided we would try back at her house when we were in the area later that day. While we were there we decided to knock on the door of a former investigator named A. She let us in, we had a lesson, and she became a new investigator!

Later in the day we went back to the recent convert's house and she was home. We told her we had been thinking about her and that the spirit had prompted us to come see her. She said she had been having a hard day, so I guess that's partly why we were sent there. We told her about our experience with A and how we thought that was part of the reason the Lord wanted us in her neighborhood that day. She told us she had never met her neighbor before, and she asked if we could have our lesson with Ana over lunch at her house. We set it up with A for Friday and it all worked out to where the four of us were going to have lunch.

Wednesday was good. We got to do some service at DI and we had a really good lesson with an investigator. We had a really hard time finding a member to come with us to that lesson, and the last person we were going to call, was the only one who could do it, and it barely fit in her schedule. We were so glad she came because she was able to answer a lot of his questions in a way that made sense to him. They also have a lot of similar interests so they were instant friends. The Lord is so good. He knows so much better than we do what his children need.

Thursday we weekly planned and had another lesson with Sister M.

Friday we had the lunch with the new convert and A. They hit it off instantly and started talking immediately about struggles they've had while investigating the church. Both face similar opposition from family and they were able to help each other with that. Heavenly Father is such a good planner to put these two sisters across the street from each other. I just know they are going to be such a support to each other as A investigates the church and as the new convert continues to grow.

We left from there and went to talk to a less active family that the ward council had asked us to see. They weren't home, but we talked to their neighbors across the street who also turned out to be former investigators. It was a father and son, and they said they would love to have us come back so we set up a lesson with them! They also gave us a referral, and as we were walking down the street to go contact this referral, we hear a car far behind us honking. We made sure we were well out of the way, so they could speed past if they so desired, but they ended up pulling over right by us. It turned out to be the father of the less active family we had originally gone to see. They were home then, and he asked us to come teach a lesson, so we did! It was great!

In the evening, we had dinner with Sister T and her husband who is still investigating the church. We were able to read the Book of Mormon with him and they committed to read it together.

Saturday was the day that EVERYONE wanted to feed us dinner. No joke - four people asked us if we could have dinner with them (2 investigators, one less active member, and one active family). We ended up having lunch with the active members who invited one of the investigators who wanted to feed us. We had dinner with the other investigator, and we went over to the less active member's home and had a lesson instead!

Sunday was good as always! Church was awesome. It was a missionary farewell and there were a few non members there that we got to meet that were there supporting the missionary leaving. One of our investigators was there as well, and she had a good experience.

We did a lot of finding after church. In the evening we had a "zone dedication" Where we were able to meet as a zone and say a prayer together. It's pretty crazy because 7 out of the 9 companionships in our zone are training right now! That's a ton!

Anyway. It's been a miraculous week and I'm so grateful to be part of this work.

I love you all!

Sister Melissa Heiner
Strange plant a woman said she feeds bananas

We were given these anchor necklaces by a sweet ward member who wanted to remind us to be anchored in the Lord

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