Monday, July 10, 2017

Tender Mercies of the Lord

Rialto's July 4th Celebration
This week is a little fuzzy. I don't remember a lot of what happened at the beginning of the week, but we saw so many miracles - some missionary related and other ones too.

On Monday we had a BBQ with some of the members from the last ward Sister Gunter served in. They invited all the sisters in the zone to go, so there were 6 of us and it turned into a water fight! We were SOAKED and it was so fun.

We also had an awesome lesson with a less active member of the ward.
We had randomly knocked on her door a few days earlier and we set up a time to come back. She has been through a lot of difficult things in her life and it made her question whether God really loves her. As we were talking, she told us she remembered a song from when she was a Mia Maid (the last time she came to church) called "Walk Tall, You're a Daughter". It's a song all about how we are children of God and no matter what we go through, He loves us. I happen to know the song (thank you girls camp!) and quoted some of the words to her. She definitely felt the spirit. She isn't quite sure yet whether or not God really loves her, but she's getting there. I am in awe that of all things, the spirit would bring that song to her remembrance, because it was absolutely perfect for the life she has had and her current situation. Heavenly Father is so good!

On Tuesday morning we had a zone meeting where we watched a devotional Elder Bednar gave at the MTC last week. It was really good and Hermana Wynn and I got to lead a discussion about it afterward.

In the evening we went to another BBQ with a member of the ward. It was so fun. Afterward we went to the Rialto 4th of July event and talked to people. No one was really interested, but we handed out a lot of flyers for Family History and Just Serve. It was also a really good opportunity to be seen. Driving home was a little scary though because Californians go crazy with their fireworks. They were everywhere the whole drive. It was pretty. And loud.

Roommate bonding time at home the evening of July 4th
We had a lesson with our investigator J on Wednesday. That's all I got. I don't remember anything else.

Thursday was not a very fun day. We had a bunch of lessons scheduled and all of them fell through. We did weekly planning, which is good, but can be long sometimes. After dinner we were about to go do some fun missionary work (contacting some referrals) and we ended up getting in a car accident. We got hit by a Camaro, so that was pretty cool, but our car was totaled. All the airbags went off which was a little freaky! We were fine other than some scrapes and bruises and so were the people from the other car. Everything is all taken care of now, but the rest of that evening we just relaxed because we were both crying pretty hard. We had so many people here who helped us out and I am just so grateful to be part of this mission. The Dixons and several of the senior couples from the office kept tabs on us for a few days afterward to make sure we were okay. There were lots of miracles to go along with it though. To name a few:
Our car after the accident
- No one was seriously injured
- No one got a ticket
-Both of us felt protected. I didn't even feel like I was jerked around or anything
- We were a foot or two away from someone's gate when the car stopped.
It could have damaged property but it didn't
- The other driver was very understanding -I got to talk about the gospel to a random person who was standing nearby
- We were able to stay composed long enough to take care of everything we needed to (talking to the police, talking to the other people, etc).
- I was more grateful afterward
-the mission had 1 extra car that we are now driving
- Lots of other things, but I can't think of them right now because my email time is limited :)

Friday we were told not to do anything strenuous and relax. We ended up doing a lot of paperwork from the crash and going to the mission office to get a new car. We also got blessings from our zone leaders.

Saturday was one of the happiest days of my mission. Nothing really that exciting happened, but I found out that I really don't like being cooped up when there are people out there who need the gospel. It felt so good to be out working hard again.

On Sunday we had 3 investigators at church! One of our investigators ended up bringing a friend with her and they both had a great time. Our other investigator is YW aged and is getting ready to go to youth conference in Utah this week! If any of you in Utah see a group of youth from Rialto next week, tell 'em hi from me! :)

Pretty much, this week has been crazy, and its gonna keep being crazy for a little bit. We got transfer logistics this morning and I'm being transferred to Yucaipa where I will be training, whitewashing, and serving as a Sister Training Leader. Apparently the Lord has some exciting things he wants me to learn 'cause that's a lot of stuff to do!

Sister Gunter is staying in Bloomington and will also be training. She is going to do such a good job!

I love you all! Sorry if this email was super dramatic! I'm looking forward to a more productive week this week!

Sister Melissa Heiner

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