Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy 4th of July!

Hi Everyone! Happy July 3rd today and happy July 4th tomorrow! Every day should be happy! :)

If I had one word to describe this week it would be exhausting. Every single day we came home completely tired out and ready to fall asleep as soon as possible. We worked hard and it was AWESOME!

One of the more significant events from last Monday was our investigator's baptism interview. He did great! We showed his sister how to make sister missionary dresses because she wants to be a missionary one day. We just love their family. 

Tuesday was a very exhausting day. We had our regular district meeting in the morning, then Sister Gunter and I ate  lunch at the church so we wouldn't have to use our miles going back and forth so much. We went to the Bishop's Storehouse to do some service after that, and R was there again! This might end up being a weekly thing! The Bishop's Storehouse was soooo busy. We could hardly keep food stocked on the shelves. we were running back and forth like chickens with our heads cut off, but they really needed help that day and it felt good to work that hard.

After that we had dinner with a member named Sister Tadlock. She had invited her friend to join us and we were able to teach her about the Restoration of the Gospel after we ate. We set up another lesson with her and she became a new investigator! That was a HUGE tender mercy!

I can't remember much of what happened on Wednesday. We did have a very good lesson with D. We were really worried after the lesson we had with him right before this one because he disagreed a lot with our beliefs about life after death. We ended up sharing a single verse from the Book of Mormon with him and it resolve all of his concerns! Our leaders have been emphasizing the power of the Book of Mormon over and over, and it is so cool to have moments when you are able to see that power first hand. Then we read a chapter in the Book of Mormon with him. The Spirit was there and it was great!

On Thursday we had the best Weekly Planning Session of my life. We got it done in the allotted time and we didn't have any lessons scheduled to interrupt it, so we just planned and got a lot accomplished! 

We had an awkward moment later in the day. We had Missionary Correlation Meeting with our ward mission leader and the Elders in the ward. Afterward it was dinner time. The Elders had been on the phone talking to a member and it sounded like they were planning to take them to In-N-Out. Sister Gunter and I were planning on eating out that day because we didn't have a dinner and we needed to stay in the area because we had a lesson after dinner that was close by. We decided to go to subway. To our surprise, the Elders were there at Subway having dinner with some members who had taken us to Subway last week, and they were pretty much the only people there. We awkwardly got some sandwiches and ate them in our car.

Friday was super awesome! We found 2 new investigators in the Morning/afternoon while running around putting last minute things together for the baptism that evening!

The baptism went well. Little J had a good experience and he had lots of family there that I think benefited from the spirit there. I was really brave and played some prelude on the piano because our pianist was running late. It definitely wasn't very good prelude, but I noticed a difference in the reverence in the room once the music started.

Also, Sheila and Leo surprised us and came to the baptism! Sheila moved a few weeks ago, but I emailed her last week to update her on life, and told her about the baptism. She came to it! It was so fun to see them both again. They are also doing very well.

On Saturday we had another lesson with Sister Tadlock's friend. She seems very sincerely interested and we are excited to teach her. We also found a new investigator.

Sunday was great! E came to church, J was confirmed, and all the meetings were so good. In the evening, all of our lessons cancelled, but the Lord knows what He is doing, and he put us where he needed us. As we were walking out of a lesson that didn't happen, a man in a white truck started talking to us. It turned out that he needed some peace right then, so we showed him a video and set up a time to have a lesson with him and his family. It is so good to be used as an instrument in the Lord's hands.

So, long story short, this week has been great. So many miracles and so many long, hard, fulfilling days. Being a missionary is great!

Until next week!

Sister Melissa Heiner

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